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Plant and Machinary


Number of furnaces- 5 No

Furnace design

- Automated sequential control of operations once the charge is transferred on to loading table.

- Effective Dimension (including Base grid)


- Capacity - 650 Kg gross.

- Maximum working Temperature 950oC.

- Temperature uniformity +/_5 deg C at 930 Deg C .

Quench system

- Quench tank is at the rear away from operator.

- 2 universal directional agitators with VFD for speed control provided for distortion control.

- Quench oil volume is approx. 10 times gross load – better quench uniformity & distortion control.

- Oil flow from top to bottom on both sides through 2 directional baffle ducts. Does not allow for vigorous oil agitation.

SCADA System

Tempering and Pre Heating

Technical Specification

- QTY : 5 NOS

- Forced air circulated.

- In-Out design.

- Capacity-650KG Gross

- 1230L x 660W x 650H mm Including base grid.

- 700 deg C max.

- High temperature Pre heating and Tempering.

Pre & Post Wash Machine

Single chamber zone, spray wash & drying to avoid moisture condensation on components.

Heating for Alkali and Hot air chamber for drying are provided.